Rapid Prototype – Restaurant Management Mobile App

In the modern age, accepting technology can allow us to innovate even the oldest industries. The restaurant industry is one such industry. It’s possible to have a successful restaurant business without using any technology, there is always a room to increase revenue or decrease expenses and optimize operational costs. These areas can range from efficient staffing; inventory management; adoption of point of sale devices; customer engagement; floor and kitchen efficiency; etc.

As a challenge to myself, I began rapidly prototyping a mobile app with a time limit of two days. And although speed of development was a main constraint, the application should try not sacrifice usability and feasibility. Finally, more importantly, the prototype should provide value to the industry by: 1. Improving the speed of receiving an order from the menu, and communicating the details of the order to the kitchen. 2. Integrate with existing billing process (POS) and provide insights into the performance of the restaurant menu.

Waiters can take orders quickly with onscreen keyboard and product codes
Kitchen is immediately notified when an order is placed
Restaurant managers can see metrics on their top products and sales by week

The source code of the applicationĀ is available on Github.
A live demo is uploaded to Heroku