Microservices and future of Software Development

I found a recent podcast on software engineering radio[1] to be insightful on the state and future of software career. With more organizations opting to implement an SOA, Microservice architecture and like on light weight frameworks, it appears that their decision is also influenced by software developers being open to switch jobs once every two years (on average as I speculate). With an increasing turnover in employees, it would make sense to build your application using the architecture that is not susceptible to loss of knowledge. The idea that a microservice can be built, tested, and deployed within a month means that a subset of software development jobs will transition from a 5-6 year careers into a 6-12 month gigs. Websites like fiverr, elance, freelancer, and upwork play an increasing role in facilitating this transition.

[1] http://www.se-radio.net/2015/12/se-radio-episode-245-john-sonmez-on-marketing-yourself-and-managing-your-career/


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